Saturday 13 June 2015

Single payment, multiple invoices in Kashflow

Sometimes you will invoice a client multiple times and they will make one payment.
I find this very hard to manage in Kashflow so I have recorded the process.

In the bank statement, select the bulk payment and Assign to Invoice, choosing one of the invoices.

Then go to the other invoice(s) and select Apply Credit.
It will allow you to select which Advance Payment (overpayment) you have made.

Monday 8 June 2015

Disconnected RDP session causes AD account lockout if password changed

I had a RDP session to a remote machine and I disconnected from it - I didn't logout.

At some point later I had to change my AD password as the expiry policy required.

However thereafter I kept getting logged out at regular intervals. In the end after some AD diagnosis it was found that it was this disconnected session. After properly logging out the problem went away.

"Remote Desktop Services Manager" is part of Windows 7 and can be used to list which computers are logged into. This can be added if it is not already from Control Panel > Turn Windows Features On or Off > Remote Server Admin