Sunday 26 December 2021

Writing a Linux UI app - choosing the framework

Gnome and KDE are desktop environments. Ubuntu defaults to Gnome, but you can switch it to KDE.

Gnome was built using GTK. GTK is written in C and had American roots.

KDE was built using Qt, which is written in C++ and had European roots.

GTK & Qt are application frameworks & widget libraries. Both are built on top of Xlib in Linux.

xlib, the X Library, is the lowest-level API of the X Window program. If compared with Windows, Xlib is the same as the Windows APIs (or Windows SDK). It is the programming interface that is closest to X Server. It only provides the most Basic drawing and handling of message events.

When writing apps, you could also use Electron, which is based upon Javascript and NodeJS.

Friday 24 December 2021

PC boots into Windows after installing Ubuntu

After installing Ubuntu alongside Windows, the PC would boot into Windows without going into Grub first.

This article explains how to solve it.