Sunday 11 November 2018

Opening an existing instance of Visual Studio Code

By default, VS Code will open a new Editor with the desired file. If you'd like to instead reveal the already open Editor, set workbench.editor.revealIfOpen to true in your User Settings.

To be concrete, that means adding the following line:
"workbench.editor.revealIfOpen": true,

Friday 9 November 2018

Excel columns are truncated in confluence

To stop confluence truncating Excel columns:

Edit the spreadsheet in Excel
Page Layout > Width > Change from Automatic to 1 Page

EE Voicemail commands

return #
Listen again 1
2 save for later
delete 3
receive a text of the caller's number 4
reply or forward 5
6 pause
7 rewind 10 secs
8 next
9 forward 10 secs