Thursday 31 May 2012


Avoid IE Tab Plus by - it inserts Google Adwords at the top of your search results - just as you are going to click on them. You end up clicking on the advert instead! Annoying.

Saturday 26 May 2012

Setting up Minecraft with Bukkit

After Bukkit is installed a player is not able to build. Any block that is placed is removed and the right-mouse button doesn't work. To be able to build after installing Bukkit, it is important to install the PermissionsBukkit plugin.

Once installed run the command:

permissions player setperm <Player> true

to see what permissions another player has, use:

permissions dump <Player>

Another plugin worth installing is  HomeSpawnPlus. This allows you to set the spawn point and the home command. Copy the HomeSpawnPlus.jar into the plugins folder.

Permissions include:


permissions player setperm <Player> bukkit.command.give true

Other commands
/mvm set respawn <World>
/mv tp MinerAndy2012 <World>
/mv conf firstspawnoverride true and /mv conf firstspawnworld myworld
permissions player setperm <Player> multiverse.access.charlie true

Useful plugins:
lockette -  allows you to make doors private.

Permissions that must be set for my server:
permissions player setperm <Player> true - Needed for all players!
permissions player setperm <Player> bukkit.command.give true  - allows too many items
permissions player setperm <Player> bukkit.command.teleport true - allows teleport
permissions player setperm <Player> bukkit.command.op.give true - grants the player op status

The permissions are set in C:\Minecraft\plugins\PermissionsBukkit\config.yml

Thursday 24 May 2012

Debugging Endur

You may need to attach to one of the following proceses:

screng.exe (Script Engine)
master.exe (Main application or the Windows service)
ins.exe (Trading desktop)

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Loading Symbols is slow in VS.NET 2010

Consider removing all the breakpoints - a bad breakpoint may cause the symbols to be load slowly.