Saturday 26 May 2012

Setting up Minecraft with Bukkit

After Bukkit is installed a player is not able to build. Any block that is placed is removed and the right-mouse button doesn't work. To be able to build after installing Bukkit, it is important to install the PermissionsBukkit plugin.

Once installed run the command:

permissions player setperm <Player> true

to see what permissions another player has, use:

permissions dump <Player>

Another plugin worth installing is  HomeSpawnPlus. This allows you to set the spawn point and the home command. Copy the HomeSpawnPlus.jar into the plugins folder.

Permissions include:


permissions player setperm <Player> bukkit.command.give true

Other commands
/mvm set respawn <World>
/mv tp MinerAndy2012 <World>
/mv conf firstspawnoverride true and /mv conf firstspawnworld myworld
permissions player setperm <Player> multiverse.access.charlie true

Useful plugins:
lockette -  allows you to make doors private.

Permissions that must be set for my server:
permissions player setperm <Player> true - Needed for all players!
permissions player setperm <Player> bukkit.command.give true  - allows too many items
permissions player setperm <Player> bukkit.command.teleport true - allows teleport
permissions player setperm <Player> bukkit.command.op.give true - grants the player op status

The permissions are set in C:\Minecraft\plugins\PermissionsBukkit\config.yml

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