Monday, 2 July 2012

Useful tools

ILSpy - dissasmble .NET assemblies (think Refactor, but open source)
ConfuseEx - open source .NET obfuscator
Dotnet IL Editor
Fidder - acts as a system wide proxy
Squid - proxy server
WinDirStat - disk usage viewer
SlickRun - a tool for quickly starting programs
ZoomIt - useful for presentations and screen sharing
Inkscape - SVG editor
Charles Debugging Proxy
GIMP - Good free image program
Handbrake - Video transcoding (for ripping DVDs)
DVD Decrypter - for ripping DVDs
OBS Studio - Open Source streaming and broadcasting
User Agent Switcher (for Firefox)
Macrium Reflect - Disk Cloning software

PDF Architect used to be good, now they've ruined it. An acceptable alternative is PDF Split and Merge. burn sd cards

EaseUS partition master - the free version allows you to manage HDDs up to 8TB.

Open Source video editors

Flowblade (Linux)
Blender (3D creation)
Avidemux (simple)
Lightworks (free is 720p only)

Developer Tools

Dependencies - an open source alternative to dependency walker (depends.exe)

Network Tools

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