Monday 2 July 2012

Useful tools

ILSpy - dissasmble .NET assemblies (think Refactor, but open source)
ConfuseEx - open source .NET obfuscator
Dotnet IL Editor
Fidder - acts as a system wide proxy
Squid - proxy server
WinDirStat - disk usage viewer
SlickRun - a tool for quickly starting programs
ZoomIt - useful for presentations and screen sharing
Inkscape - SVG editor
Charles Debugging Proxy
GIMP - Good free image program
Handbrake - Video transcoding (for ripping DVDs)
DVD Decrypter - for ripping DVDs
OBS Studio - Open Source streaming and broadcasting
User Agent Switcher (for Firefox)
Macrium Reflect - Disk Cloning software

PDF Architect used to be good, now they've ruined it. An acceptable alternative is PDF Split and Merge. burn sd cards
EaseUS partition master - the free version allows you to manage HDDs up to 8TB.
ImageMagick - Batch conversion of images (e.g. Apple HEIC to JPG)

Open Source video editors

Flowblade (Linux)
Blender (3D creation)
Avidemux (simple)
Lightworks (free is 720p only)

Video Recording  and Streaming

Developer Tools

Dependencies - an open source alternative to dependency walker (depends.exe)

Network Tools

Radio tools

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