Friday 29 March 2013

Why Norton Internet Security is a waste of space - ILivid

So my son installed iLivid accidentally whilst trying to install a Minecraft mod. He got directed to one of those dodgy File hosters where they hide the actual download link and put a flashing "Download Now" button in front of it.

iLivid creates services, puts exceptions in the Windows Firewall, changes the browser home page, installs a browser toolbar, creates hidden files and sprinkles itself all over the Windows Registry.

Everything it needs to update itself, or download trojans or viruses at a later date.

And guess what. Norton allows this! Furthermore, if you click on the Windows Search Results folder (where it hides itself) and do a full scan on that, Norton still says its OK!

Apparently Norton excuses itself with the excuse that it is not a direct virus, just a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). So let's be clear about this; Norton DOES NOT PROTECT your PC against bad behaviour, keyloggers, malware etc. it will only protect you against viruses that have made their way onto your PC.

And viruses now are a bit old school, it's keyloggers and trojans you have to worry about. Consider alternative products. I am now looking. And installing a proxy and preventing my sons from downloading.

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