Monday 14 April 2014

Driving the DLR in Open BVE - it won't move initially

1: Firstly when it first when it loads you will be at the BANK HEADSHUNT.

2: put the brake to B8

3: put the reverser to F

4: press the DEL key to select drive mode

5: press the SPACE BAR (Auto Mode Only)

and you should be moving if you are not then repeat steps 2, 3 & 4 again

P.S. I know the speeds are not correct by the sim but you go by the Speedo on the EDP not the F10 Speed of the sim.

(OpenBVE users) in Auto mode you might come across a train in front of you if so press the Emergency Stop button "Q" because the SelTrac plug-in only simulates speed not signals it will only do both if you switch A.I mode on as well.

Make sure that first you have selected ATP Manual and you will be able to drive at line speed but if you have selected FWD then you will only be able to do 30km/h because this is Emergency shunt and is limited to 30 km/h and is only used to correct the stopping position or drive without Automatic Train Protection just follow the instructions above.

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  1. Google "OBTS Wikia" for help with openbve programs and an extensive listing of addons.