Saturday 11 July 2015

Video encoding for the Xtrons HD905 headrests

To play movies on the Xtrons HD905 headrests:

Download TEncoder from SourceForge.

Settings : AVI container
-  Video : Codec XVID, Bitrate 1024 kbps,
               Size 720x480 px with 'Force aspect ratio' to prevent stretched heads
               FPS same as Source
-  Audio : MP3, max 320 kbps.
AAC audio definitely does not work. AC3 only works on some AVI's.


  1. Thanks for this post. Just bought these for my wife's vehicle. How have yours held up over the last year?

  2. They were great for keeping the kids amused on a long drive. Since then they've gotten that bit older and need to watch the TVs less. But we do have another 6-hour drive ahead of us soon, so I guess they'll come in handy again!

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