Sunday 13 December 2015

Electronic Arts have the worst support portal EVER!

I'm incredulous at EA's very bad support process.

I had purchased some in-app content for my son's tablet, and after an app reinstall it would not resume the content.

So I tried, repeat, tried to contact EA.

Their Contact Us portal is horrific. It is a "fake" contact us, wherein it pretends to offer you an ability to contact but in reality forces you down the check forums and raise a ticket via the portal.

But the portal was horrific.

Trying to raise a new ticket on this URL didn't work.
1. Go to
2. Scroll down and select "Contact Us"
3. Click on Android Tablet and select Next
4. Select "Missing Content" and "Had content and lost it"
5. In the "Please tell us a little more about your issue" box type "In-App Purchases"
6. Press Next
7. You get dumped on Step 3 above. You cannot complete the support request.

Eventually I chose a different selection option and got to the end screen. But if I attached a PNG to the ticket whilst raising it - it dumped you back at the beginning.

Eventually I figured I had to raise a ticket under the wrong option and submit it. And then attach the JPG after.

During this process I was in an email conversation with a support guy who was adamant I should attach the PNG to a support ticket that he had raised of which I had no access to.

In all, this whole debacle cost me 1.5 hours of my life, to fix a problem with my son's in app purchase. It is enough to put me off in-app purchases for life!

NB: I contacted Google and they refunded it within 5 minutes. They've got the right customer experience.

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