Monday 5 May 2014

Minecraft and Multiple versions of Forge and mods

Minecraft enables you to play multiple versions of the program and multiple versions of mods.

Installing Forge

Forge is a useful utility which enables the easy addition of mods. You no longer need to copy Java class files into the .minecraft folder and delete the META-INF folder. Instead you install Forge and then copy files to a mods folder.

You can download Forge from here.

The following instructions are courtesy of

Go to and download the installer recommended for Minecraft 1.6.4. The download link is going to bring you to an adfly link that might look weird at first. This is a sponsored link used to remunerate the developers of the Forge for the work they're doing. You should see a page like this (probably with a different advertisement in the body):
Note that on the top right corner, the count-down for the download. Just wait the 5 seconds, until the top looks like:
Then click on the “Skip Ad” link. This should download a file with the .jar extension. Click on it. You should get the following installer:
Click on OK on the bottom left corner, up until the success message. Then open the Minecraft lobby again, and switch profile to the Forge profile:
Hit play. The Minecraft lobby will then offer to log on the Forge profile with the same user as the one currently registered. Hit Play again to validate it:
And then back to the lobby, hit Play one last time. You should now see a Minecraft menu with Forge details displayed:
That's it! You successfully installed Minecraft Forge. Close Minecraft for now.

Multiple verions of Forge and Mods

When using Forge and the Minecraft launcher, by default all mods are stored in


This is the global mod folder. However it will cause problems if you put a 1.6.4 and a 1.7.2 mod in here.
To get around this, use the GameDir setting in Minecraft.

Create a folder, such as %appdata%\.minecraft\mods\GameDir\Forge 1.6.4. Set the folder to this.
Run Minecraft again and it will create a set of subfolders within this, including the mods folder.
Put your version-specific mods in here.

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