Tuesday 3 November 2015

Dell Inspiron 7537 versus the HP Touchsmart 15-j105sa

I've received both the Dell Inspiron 7537 and the HP Touchsmart 15-j105sa.

Here are my initial views on them:

HP Touchsmart 15-j105sa

It looks sturdier.
In my opinion it looks more attactive.
It outperforms the Dell in CPU performance.
The battery is removable.

The glass is more reflective; you can see yourself in the screen.

 Dell Inspiron 7537

It outperforms the HP in the high end graphics place.

It has a RJ45 network connector with a hinged cover. This is sure to be a pain and break in the future.

There are reports of an underperforming WIFI adapter (which may now be resolved).

The battery and memory are contained within the back which you have to unscrew to get access to.

I actually prefer the HP Touchsmart, yet the better NVidia 750M on the Dell is enough to sway it for me.

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