Saturday 8 October 2016

gpedit is the new control panel: Windows Update and Windows Ink.

Today I got rather annoyed by Windows 10. I know it is supposed to cater for a wide range of users including those whom are non-IT savvy, but it has taken "knowing best" to an all new level.

When I turned on my laptop today:

- it spent ages installing a new update
- it overwrote my Windows + W shortcut to launch a new program, Windows Ink Workspace, which I don't want
- it then tried to reboot as I was working

I then spent half an hour trying to find the option to uninstall Windows Ink. You can't. I then tried to find it's option to release my Windows + W shortcut. You can't.

This is too aggressive. I like my computer they way I had it before the update. I don't expect someone to come into my office, replace my pens and chair, and rearrange my desk because they are think they are doing me a favour. I want it like I had it.

So can you reconfigure your Windows 10 to turn off all this rubbish? To ask before installing updates and disable Windows Ink Workspace? Well, no. Not using the front door.

Fortunately there is gpedit. It appears this is becoming the new control panel. The old control panel is for the non-IT savvy users who just want to do the basics.

So to stop Windows Ink Workspace:

To force Windows 10 to be polite and ask before downloading updates over your Internet connection:

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