Sunday 30 October 2016

Updating the Galaxy Tab S to support adopted storage

Grrr. Samsung have purposfully disabled adopted storage for the Galaxy Tab S, meaning that all of the 16GB rapidly fills, especially when app developers lazily prevent the app to be moved to external storage.

I tried connecting the tablet via USB and running the
adb shell sm set-force-adoptable true
command, but this doesn't work.

There are steps to configure Adopted Storage which involves TWRP and the Storage Enabler. And it appeared to work in large - after following the steps I had the option to install a card as internal memory. But I had a random error on the Settings screen after formatting the SD card and also when copying files to the phone it still said "Out of disk space" error. At that point, after 3 hours of trying I gave up and got on with my life.

Lessons learned:
Samsung create great phones and tablets, but the firmware sucks. And there isn't a phone out there at the moment that supports adoptable storage and a replaceable battery, and no tablet supporting adoptable storage. It's as if they want you to have their products with a very short usefulness lifespan, if not a physical lifespan.


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