Tuesday 14 February 2017

VirtualBox to Hyper-V conversions

I was reluctantly forced to use Oracle Virtual Box as my company wouldn't allow me to install Windows 10 and use Hyper-V. But after a period of time - I loved it!

But eventually the day came when I upgraded to Windows 10 and then I wanted to use the Hyper-V containers so I could use containers with Service Fabric and Docker. It was a reluctant upgrade.

Some of my VMs were VMDKs (VMWare format).
When I tried to use the  ConvertTo-MvmcVirtualHardDisk PowerShell converter I encountered the error:

ConvertTo-MvmcVirtualHardDisk : The entry 9805522d-8707-43d0-a4b2-60f05833e201 is not a supported disk database entry for the descriptor.

Fortunately this post helped me and I used the dsfok and dsfik tools to export and import the modified descriptors.
Although they describe a different field, I eneded up commenting out other fields (shown below).


After that the ConvertTo-MvmcVirtualHardDisk worked.

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