Friday, 28 April 2017

Looking into DocumentDB

With the release of the DocumentDB emulator it is possible to dig deeper into the magic that is hidden behind the PaaS offering.

It is a native-code guest executable running in a Service Fabric context
It is deployed as 5 services to Fabric
  • DataExplorer
  • DataExplorerUpdater
  • Gateway
  • MasterService
  • ServerService

It isn’t really that big an assembly size/complexity, compared to many other databases (nor should it be).
It writes these kind of files/folders when creating documents:

The edb.log is the file that gets written when I create a document. It writes 4KB pages in sequential order.
First document:
Offset: 327,680
Length: 4,096

Second document:
Offset: 331,776
Length: 4,096

The data is not encrypted (this is on Microsoft's roadmap).

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