Friday 28 April 2017

Looking into DocumentDB

With the release of the DocumentDB emulator it is possible to dig deeper into the magic that is hidden behind the PaaS offering.

It is a native-code guest executable running in a Service Fabric context
It is deployed as 5 services to Fabric
  • DataExplorer
  • DataExplorerUpdater
  • Gateway
  • MasterService
  • ServerService

It isn’t really that big an assembly size/complexity, compared to many other databases (nor should it be).
It writes these kind of files/folders when creating documents:

The edb.log is the file that gets written when I create a document. It writes 4KB pages in sequential order.
First document:
Offset: 327,680
Length: 4,096

Second document:
Offset: 331,776
Length: 4,096

The data is not encrypted (this is on Microsoft's roadmap).

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