Wednesday 5 April 2017

Beware of FreeParking and their domain transfer procedures!

I was contacted by someone who needed some assistance in tracking what had happened to their domain name that they had registered with Freeparking. They had owned this domain for 13 years.

After some investigation it transpired that a third-party had requested a transfer of ownership to FreeParking. They submitted a company letterhead; and following that the domain was transferred. The owner was sent one email that informed them of the pending transfer - and unfortunately that went into the spam email.

That was it. Domain transferred. The original owner didn't find out until weeks later. This is in clear breach of Nominet's registrar agreement that

"B.1.12. act in good faith when correcting a Registrant name on the Register or transferring a domain name to a new Registrant, where we make it possible for you to do so for a domain name on your Tag, and comply with any published requirements (for example, based on the Tag Classification). If you are entitled to make such changes, you must only do so where either (i) you are doing so in accordance with a contract you have with the Registrant and the Registrant was made aware of the relevant terms in advance; or (ii) you have the express permission of the Registrant to make the change; or (iii) you are the Registrant of the domain name;"

So - beware with FreeParking! You can spend a lot of money on a domain and have someone take it off you without much effort if you use FreeParking.

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