Tuesday 29 August 2017

Reset an iPad vs an Android

My mother had an iPad that needed resetting as it was using an email address for an Apple ID that no longer existed. After hours, yes hours, of trying to perform a factory reset, I thought it rather interesting to make a comparison between the two platforms.

Factory Reset an Android 

Go into settings and select Factory Reset. Follow the prompts, and voila!

Factory Reset an iPad 

Find a proprietary Lightening cable
Download 247Mb of iTunes software (wait! iTunes, isn't that a music program?)
Reset the password I
t still is locked to your old Apple Id
Try and reset the Apple Id multiple times.
It tells you it isn't a valid Apple Id despite the fact the device is telling me this IS the Apple ID on the device.
Go to the Reset credentials website. It is broken.

And I thought Apple was the height of user experience?

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