Tuesday 21 November 2017

Update security settings to use in Outlook client on Android with Office 365

I was using my Android device to access Office 365 and then one day after an update it changed so that whenever you started the client you were presented with the dialog:

Update security settings to use <email address>

If you click Update it presents you with a list of demands, including the right to erase all data, set password rules, etc. This was too much for me, so I went about trying to find out how to remove these restrictions.

Exchange 365 sets these by default. To bypass it you need to set a Mobile Device Management (MDM) policy and apply it to the users that you want.

Go to the Office admin site and search for "Mobile Device Management "(https://portal.office.com/EAdmin/Device/IntuneInventory.aspx).

Go to Office 365 Admin center and go to Groups
Add a new Security group - let's call it "Mobile phone users"

Go to Office 365 Admin center and go to Users > Active User
Select your user and select Edit
Edit the group membership for the user
Add the user to the Security Group "Mobile phone users"

Go to Data Loss Prevention > Device Security Policies
Create a Policy - let's call it "Access in Android"
Set your policy restrictions

Save the policy and apply the policy to "Mobile phone users":

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