Friday 30 July 2021

Can't upload files to GoDaddy Managed WordPress - 0 byte files and disconnects

 I spent a couple of hours trying to work out why I could not upload files to GoDaddy's Managed WordPress.

I was using FileZilla on Windows 10, and connected via SFTP to the Managed Wordpress instance as detailed in GoDaddy's control panel.

Whenever I uploaded media to wp-content/uploads, it would error with 0-byte files and server disconnects.

The solution?

Bizarrely, disable and reenable your NIC. Yes, I did say that.

It's the first time I've ever experienced a software problem get fixed by disabling a NIC. What's the relationship between GoDaddy's SFTP server and your NIC? Maybe when it goes to sleep it doesn't fully restore in a way that allows SFTP to be negotiated correctly?

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