Saturday 24 July 2021

Linux virtual machine emulator - for assembly programming

Uses NASM and QEMU to write a bootloader.

To use Qemu with GDB use -s and -S. This set it listening at port 1234 and halt the VM until gdb connects.

qemu-system-i386 -s -S -drive file=./boot.bin,cache=none,format=raw


connect to qemu

target remote localhost:1234 

  1. Use info reg to display all the CPU registers.
  2. Use x/10i $eip to display the code at the PC position.
  3. Use set architecture i8086 to dump 16 bit code. 
  4. set tdesc filename target.xml
  5. x/10i $cs*16+$eip to dump the next 10 lines of code at the PC position
  6. stepi

To see the disassembled line

gdb) show disassemble-next-line
Debugger's willingness to use disassemble-next-line is off.
(gdb) set disassemble-next-line on
then si

Machine boots

info reg - show registers

cs = 0xf000 (1048560) 

ip = 0xfff0

pc = (cs * 16) + ip

      = F0000 + FFF0

       = FFFF0 (1048560)

This is 16 bytes from BIOS top (at 1048575 or 0xFFFFF)

Inspecting the program at FFFF0:

x/16b 0xffff0

xffff0: 0xea 0x5b 0xe0 0x00 0xf0   0x30 0x36 0x2f

0xffff8: 0x32 0x33 0x2f 0x39 0x39 0x00 0xfc 0x00

or looking at the instructions
x/2i 0xffff0
0xffff0: ljmp   $0x3630,$0xf000e05b

which shows that 0xEA is JMP

However the interetation is a bug because the VM is running in real mode and GDB does not handle it properly, even though we set architecture i8086

So we must download the target 

set tdesc filename target.xml

Now running it again gives

   0xffff0: ljmp $0xf000,$0xe05b 0xffff5: xor %dh,0x322f 0xffff9: xor (%bx),%bp 0xffffb: cmp %di,(%bx,%di) 0xffffd: add %bh,%ah 0xfffff: add %al,(%bx,%si) 0x100001: add %al,(%bx,%si) 0x100003: add %al,(%bx,%si) 0x100005: add %al,(%bx,%si) 0x100007: add %al,(%bx,%si)

Now gives us

(0xf000 x 16) + 0xe05b = F0000 + 0xe05b = FE05B = (1040475)

This jumps us to FE05B
This is 1FA4 (8100) bytes from BIOS top (at 1048575 or 0xFFFFF)

Run stepi (execute instruction)

  0xfe05b: cmpl   $0x0,%cs:0x62c8

   0xfe062: jne    0xfd0b0

   0xfe066: xor    %dx,%dx

   0xfe068: mov    %dx,%ss

   0xfe06a: mov    $0x7000,%esp

   0xfe070: mov    $0xf07c4,%edx

   0xfe076: jmp    0xfcf24

   0xfe079: push   %ebp

   0xfe07b: push   %edi

   0xfe07d: push   %esi

Reference for x386:

Visual chart on the Opcodes:

Good Reference to the opcodes

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