Saturday 11 February 2012

HP DL160 SoftPaq halts on "Loading FreeDOS" when booting from USB

I used the HP SoftPaq to create a bootable USB key to install a ROM update. But the system halts on "Loading FreeDOS". I suspected that this was because the USB was of a large capacity (30GB), so I ended up trying various ways of creating a bootable USB that was lower capacity and / or didn't use FreeDOS.

In the end the following worked:

Use the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool.
Create a FAT32 partition, making it bootable by copying Windows 98 boot files onto it.
Then simply copy the Softpaqs onto the media, using the flat files folder.
Reboot the server. The USB boots as drive A, and you can see the SoftPaqs within the drive.

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